When You Don’t Bake Like Martha Stewart but Want Some Healthy Cookies

*This post is sponsored by Silver Fern Brand. They kindly donated the items I tested for review. All of the information stated below is my honest opinion, because I would never lead ya’ll astray!


I have these friends who whip up amazing baked goods, with all kinds of hidden healthy ingredients, that taste like they were handcrafted by Martha Stewart herself. I, on the other hand, burn everything. No matter where I am, or what I’m making, if I am cooking, I am undoubtedly burning something. Not only do I burn things, I kind of “eyeball” my measurements. To me, all of those fancy instructions are basically cute little suggestions. But, when it comes to baking, I’ve heard that this isn’t the best approach. Apparently you are supposed to measure things exactly when baking?!!? Who knew? I am guessing Martha Stewart.

Silver Fern Paka Baking Mix Review

Because I clearly lack basic baking skills, I’ve stuck to box mixes for all of my baking needs. I am all about simple, easy-to-follow instructions, and few ingredients. 

While box mixes are simple, they are typically laden with chemicals and sugar and devoid of any real nutritional value. Let’s be honest, none of us dive into a bowl of brownie batter thinking we are giving our bodies any “fuel”. We don’t devour 5 freshly baked cookies and think to ourselves, “Wow, my body sure did get a bunch of great nutrients from those tasty cookies.” No, we feel gross, like we should go for a 3-mile run. Or maybe that’s just me. I feel gross and like I should go for a 3-mile run. You’ve probably never eaten that many cookies at once.

Boxed mixes are yummy, but they’re super unhealthy. Which leaves the baking-challenged like me with no real options. Because let’s be real, there’s no way I am mixing up some homemade chocolate chip cookies with carrots hidden inside of them. That’s like baking 500, and I am still in baking 101.

Enter my friend Amanda. She somehow found this fantastic company that gets my baking skill predicament, yet cares about the health and well-being of my family.

Silver Fern Brand has a wide range of products, from baking mixes to popcorn. They are all about delivering on taste, while fueling your body with much needed nutrients. Their Paka Baking mixes are full of things your body can actually use, as opposed to most store-bought mixes that are full of empty calories. With high amounts of protein and fiber, and low amounts of sugar and net carbs, these mixes are not only delish, but they are going to aid your body in getting stronger and healthier!


They are super simple, ya’ll!

Like 3-ingredient-5-minutes-of-prep-time kind of simple.

Which is exactly what I need.

So Silver Fern Paka Baking Mixes and I are basically in love. Lots and lots of love.

The lovelies over at Silver Fern Brand were kind enough to send me some of their totally awesome, nutrient-rich products to test out. Here are my thoughts.

pancake mix-silver fern brand

I tried their pancake mix and it was fantastic. The hubs didn’t even know it wasn’t the normal mix we buy. But great-tasting pancakes isn’t all these Paka Mixes have to offer. In 3 small pancakes, you get 16 grams of protein and 11g of fiber.

Ya’ll, that’s crazy!

Most women don’t eat anywhere close to enough protein each day. And getting fiber in is a real struggle for most of us. These tasty pancakes help you load up on protein and fiber, without loading you up with added sugars and empty carbs. And did I mention they taste delish?

While Silver Fern mixes are super easy, they aren’t impossible to burn. Which I did. Because that’s what I do. My first pancake was just a little on the crisp side. That’s what I like to call things that are charred, black, and sometimes smoking. But, my second pancake, and all of the following pancakes, were almost perfectly cooked. Perfectly round, not so much, but perfectly cooked … well, kind of!

I also tried Silver Fern’s Paka Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix. My husband ate two before I could snap a pic and had zero complaints. Score for Paka. My daughter ate one, too, and said she liked them, so another score for Paka cookies. These cookies were just as simple to make as the pancakes. All they needed were some eggs and butter, a little mixing, and some scooping onto a cookie tray.

And of course they needed to be baked. I burned a few. Don’t act surprised. I told you, I burn things.

Silver Fern Brand Paka Chocolate Chip Cookies

Eventually I got enough of the cookies baked well enough to not only eat, but photograph for ya’ll. The consistency of these cookies is slightly different than that of a regular chocolate chip cookie, but they were super tasty, and took just minutes to whip up. Store-bought chocolate chip cookies have lots of fat and tons of sugar. Paka Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix has 5 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber in each cookie, plus they have no added sugar. I got about 20 cookies out of the box. Only about 14 of mine were edible. I swear, it’s the oven’s fault.

Overall, I loved my Silver Fern Brand Paka Baking Mixes and will be ordering them again. As a company Silver Fern Brand is committed to providing families with flavorful mixes packed with the nutrients our bodies need. Their products have not a single artificial ingredient in them and are packed with all kinds of goodness. As a mom, I am thankful to have a healthy comfort food option for my family.

If you are looking for a simple way to give your family nutritious, delicious baked goods that won’t require too much of your time and effort, I highly recommend checking out Silver Fern’s Paka Baking Mixes.


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