VIP Online Training Program

Group programs aren’t for everyone. Neither is going to the gym to work with trainer 3 times a week. But a healthy, fit, energy-filled life, is absolutely available to everyone!

If you don’t feel like you are a good fit for one of my online group programs, and don’t live close enough to do in-person training sessions, then my VIP Training Program is for you!

VIP Training Program

VIP Training is like having a personal trainer in your living room, 5 days a week. When you sign up as a VIP you get:

  • 4 weeks of workouts, tailor-made for you, based on your goals. These workouts will be created using the equipment  you have available, and can be either home based or gym based.  (My workouts are short, but effective. You won’t be spending hours a day exercising. I promise)
  • 30 minute weekly check-in’s where we discuss progress, adjust anything that needs to be adjusted and set some goals for the following week.
  • Daily check-in requirements related to eating habits and workout completion.
  • Bible study or Bible reading plan and accountability if desired.
  • Access to me, your personal trainer, via email and FB for any needs you might have along the way.
  • For an extra fee, I can also build in some specific nutritional guidelines.

As a member of my VIP Training program you will also get some goodies that I think will be helpful to you during our time together. I will pick these based on your preferences, goals and needs!

My Coaching Style

I believe in hard work. That is the only thing that gets results. So, I am going to push you.


I am a busy mom who loves Coke and Twizzlers. So, I know the healthy-living struggle is real, ya’ll! I also know that it is possible to live in a healthy way, without letting it take over your life. With the right amount of coaching, effective workouts, and a commitment to fuelling your body well, you WILL see huge gains.

Your goals are important to me, and I will do everything in my power to help you reach those goals. But, you will need to commit to putting in the work and doing the hard stuff. If you do, I promise, you will see results! I want to be your cheerleader, your encourager, and the sweet friend who occasionally gives you a good swift kick in the butt.

The cost of my 4 Week VIP Online Training is $160. That is  $40 a week, which is less than the cost of one personal training session at most gyms!

To add on nutritional guidelines there is an additional $10 fee. For Bible study accountability and guidelines, there is also a $10 fee.

What are you waiting for? You could be moving towards your goals right now!

Because of the nature of this package, I can only accept a few VIP’s.  So grab your spot while one is still available!

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