Two Things to Keep in Mind While Reading Your Bible

In today’s world Bible study has often been relegated to a 5 minute search for some applicable truth or encouragement for the day. I will admit that I’ve been guilty of approaching God’s word this way in the past. But, as my love for studying scripture has grown, I have become keenly aware of how approaching God and His Word that way, cheapens the relationship He offers us in Christ.

As a teacher who works with struggling students, I spend a lot of time teaching high schoolers how to study. In all of my years of teaching, I have never once told a student to open their text book to the middle of a chapter, read two sentences and begin answering questions based on those two sentences. Yet, when we struggle with the goodness of God, we open up to some verse that tells us He is good, read it over and over, and close the book, hoping that it will stick with us throughout the day. No one has ever understood molecular bonds by reading three sentences about what a molecular bond is (and let’s be honest…I could read a whole textbook on that concept and still not understand). Why do we think that we will understand the riches of God’s character and the vastness of his story, by doing just that with our time in the Word?

God has given us all of scripture, because all of it is necessary. It is all part of us knowing Him, and being able to relate to Him. Making time to study God’s work can be hard. Understanding scripture can be hard. But, when we approach scripture with the right mindset, we are putting ourselves in a much better place to know God in a deeper, more intimate way. From that knowledge flows love, and a deep understanding of grace, mercy and what we are called to be and do.

I want to help us re-shift our thinking when it comes to spending time reading and studying the Bible, and think there are two main ways for us to do that.

The Bible is not about you.

There is a lot about you in the Bible. There are things that apply to you all over the pages of Scripture. But ultimately, the Bible is NOT about you. It is about Him. It is about God’s character, His plan, and His glory. When you sit down to read the Bible, remember first and foremost, that the Bible is about God. In the same way a biography is about one person, with many relationships throughout that person’s life, scripture is always, mainly about God. Everything in it that has to do with us, or other people, will also point back to God.

There is a time and place where the Bible speaks about you. But, before you go there, ask yourself:

  • What does this passage say about who God is?
  • What am I learning about God’s will/plan/heart?
  • How does what I am reading help me to worship God more fully?

The Bible is God’s story.

There are many intriguing stories throughout the pages of scripture. People of great faith, obeying God with hearts of worship. There are battles and love stories, miracles and deep emotions.  While the Bible is filled with hundreds of individual stories, there one story that spans the entirety of the Bible, it is God’s story. He is weaving together the story of who He is, what He has done, and how He has done it throughout every small story we find from Genesis to Revelation.   If we miss this, we miss the point! Esther, Abraham, Rahab, Moses, Joshua, David, John the Baptist, every prophet, every apostle; their stories are only important in light of the one big story that unfolds on the pages of scripture; God’s story.

To keep this at the forefront while reading the Bible each day, ask yourself:

  • How does what I just read, fit into the bigger picture of God’s story?
  • What other pieces of God’s story does this piece of scripture shed light on?

You don’t need a ton of time to read scripture each day. But, we do need to come to those pages remembering their purpose. Coming to scripture with its main purpose and focus in mind, helps us to spend our time in the Word more wisely. It will help us to better understand the God that we are called to love and serve, and to walk more freely in light of who He is.

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If you are totally lost when it comes to studying God’s word, I cannot recommend the method outlined in Women of the Word more highly. If you haven’t gotten that book, I strongly suggest you grab a copy today.  Look through the chapters in the second half. They walk you through a great method of Bible study and teach you how to dig into scripture.


Are you a busy woman juggling faith, work, home and family?

I am too.

Sometimes women like us can get so focused on helping others that we forget to take some time for ourselves. We don’t set aside time to spend with God, and  workouts fall to the wayside. I get it. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have another minute in my day to spare. But, if we don’t take our spiritual and physical health seriously, we won’t be able to work, serve and love well. We will end up a hot mess of frustration and anxiety.

I hear ya’ sister…that struggle is real, and I feel it every day!

That’s why I am committed to helping women like you refocus their faith and get in shape. Because when we are planted in God’s Word, and feeling healthy and confident, we can go out and do all of those things God calls us to do, and we can do them excellently!

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  • Reply kerisnyder2014

    These are such good tips. I do often go to the Word and it’s like I am quickly seeking an application. Im going to write down your tips to remember when I read the Word

    February 3, 2016 at 8:32 am
    • Reply Danielle

      Hey Keri! It is hard not to jump straight to applying, but there is a deep richness to really getting to know who God is, when we are always ready to apply things to our lives. We really want to do the applying in light of the character of God and all that we learn about Him! Thanks so much for stopping by and I am so glad this was helpful!

      February 3, 2016 at 9:20 am
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    February 5, 2016 at 6:01 am
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