The Kamagon Ball For At Home Workouts

I am all about simple, versatile, functional and easy when it comes to workouts. Which is why I only purchase equipment for my home gym that can be used in a number of ways, and that doesn’t take up a ton of space…enter the Kamagon Ball from Hedstrom Fitness. This bad boy is a rockstar when it comes to workout equipment…here’s why:

The Kamagon ball isn’t big and bulky.

The Kamagon Ball fits in my guest room closet, with my dumbbells and resistance bands. It doesn’t take up too much space, and is clearly…easily stored!

The Kamagon Ball Uses Hydro Intertia to train your core.

Ummm…big words much? Well yeah, but this is actually pretty cool. The Kamagon ball can be filled with water. This allows you to add as much resistance as you’d like. It also adds an imbalance to your moves. Now, instead of just doing a squat press with a kettle bell, you are doing a squat press with the Kamagon Ball and it’s moving water. The moving water will require you to engage your core to stabilize your body during each movement.

The Kamagon Ball is versatile.

You can use the Kamagon ball similarly to the way you would use a Kettlebell, only double handed moves are easier because of the two handles. You can add or remove resistance by adjusting the amount of water in the Kamagon Ball. You can truly use this piece of equipment to add core training and resistance to any type of movement, making it a fantastic edition to your home gym!

The Kamagon Ball trains your nervous system.

The Kamagon Ball is a destabilized weight that uses hydro-inertia, to work your muscles while simultaneously training the nervous system. Muscles don’t act on their own; they must receive signals from the nerves that branch throughout the entire body. Stability training is a highly effective way to make these signals more efficient and effective!



The efficiency of Hydro-Inertia™ resistance mimics real life situations far more than static weights such as dumbbells or kettle bells. This is not only important for athletes in their functional training programs. When you play with your children or grandchildren, you are not picking up static weights.

I absolutely love this addition to my home gym, and can’t wait to find new ways to incorporate it into my workouts.

Check out this sample workout I put together and then grab your own and give it a try!

(3 sets of 12 for each move)

Want to try one out?

I’ve got a special discount code for you!

Just enter the code: SPHF25 at checkout and get 25% off your order!

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