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Last week, I stumbled upon a fantastic app that has already got me singing its praises! Over the last few years, I’ve learned the true value of saving money. In the past, we’ve always just transferred money over each month to a separate bank account. Two years ago, we opened accounts with Capitol One 360,¬†which allows us to start new savings accounts for different purposes, without all of the hassel we would have to go through at a bank.I absolutely love how easy it is to transfer money over to our Capitol One accounts and start a new account when we have something we’re saving for. Plus their interest rates are phenomenal! The only thing I wish that account could do, is sneakily transfer money over to it each week. This way, we would be saving without really feeling the weight of a big transfer!

Save Money

Enter Digit.

Digit is a user-friendly app that makes saving super easy. All you do is link your bank account (it is totally secure, no worries there), and then it will transfer over random amounts at different points during the week. They actually calculate how much to transfer based on your spending history, so that your savings is maximized based on your money habits and account balances. Digit sends you a text every morning with your account balance, and will transfer the money back to your account whenever you ask them to. And, all of this is totally free! Here’s a quick summary.

I have been super impressed with Digit so far, and highly recommend you give it a try! There is something so exiting about seeing that savings account balance increase, ya’ll!

Sign up here and happy saving peeps!

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