When All of Your Awesomeness Isn’t Enough

There are days when I get so much done, that I impress myself. There are days when I am approved of by many, and praised by the masses (well…maybe not the masses, since I don’t actually know the masses, that part is just in my mind). Then, there are the days, which are FAR greater in number, where I work my hardest, think my most creatively, and push with everything I have…..and it isn’t enough. No one is impressed, things don’t get done, and the world around me seems to be staring with disapproval.

On those days, I am humbled, and my view becomes less obscured by the pride that lies deep within my heart. On the days where I seem to be “rocking it”, I am usually doing my own thing, for my own sake. I wear myself out quickly, and often feel like the payoff isn’t worth the effort. Ironically, on the days when my “awesomeness” falls short, I am reminded of who I am, and I am reminded of the hugeness of my God. For some reason, that gives me a far greater peace then when everything seems to be resting on my frail shoulders.

Maybe, it’s because his burdens are light, while mine are heavy. Maybe it’s because “blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven“. Maybe it’s because of the gospel, because of Jesus, because the water of life runs deep in the heart of those who thirst.

For moms, there are many days when all of the awesome we can muster up, seems like it isn’t all that much.¬†And you know what, that’s true.

Our awesome will never be enough.

Rest in that. Rest in the fact that Christ’s awesome was enough on your behalf. Because of that, you are free to obey and live faithfully, as a fully equipped sinner saved by grace. His real awesome, more than makes up for our faulty, powerless awesome. In him, we are sufficient to carry out the tasks he has set before us. He redeems our mistakes, empowers us to live more fully, and equips us for every good work; every diaper changed, lunch packed, late night conversation, and dinner prepped.

Moms out there, your awesome is not enough. But His is.

Rest in Him, and let that grow a deep love in your heart. Then walk in obedience by his strength, not yours.

This journey of motherhood is all kinds of amazing and all kinds of booty-kicking hard. In him, we are enough, even when every ounce of our own awesome falls short.

You are doing a good work out there, mamas. Rest in his awesome, and leave yours at the foot of the cross!


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