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Some day soon I will get back to posting regularly, but for now, I wanted to pass on some great stuff that you need to make some time to listen to!!!! God has used each of these in my life over the past few weeks to give me a little perspective, and to focus my eyes a little more intently on who He really is!

  • The first is a sermon preached at my church a few weeks ago. One of the pastors spoke on Jonah (the whole book), and God used it to really get me thinking, praying and moving. It is a little long, but so worth it!!!!! Here is the link…  
6/24/12 Shane Parker

  • Last weekend we were soooooo blessed to be back in NYC! I love my old church there so much, and it amazes me to see their heart for worship! I love sitting in a packed house with people from all different backgrounds and nationalities listening to the word of God being taught in a way that gives you a greater desire to love Him more (sorry for the run-on sentence…I live my life in run on sentences :)!  This sermon was so interesting to me, and I thought it would be great for anyone who feels called to full time ministry (or whose husband has been-or might be confused about-being called to ministry!). This sermon from 1Kings looks at Elisha’s call! Check it out!

7/8/12-Ed Moore-Sticky Mantle

  • These next two I got from one of my favorite blogs The Gospel Coalition. My friend Kitty went to their women’s conference and recommended the first one (which I have listened to twice because it  was sooooooooooo good!). They are a little long, but more worth it than I could possibly tell you!!! You really have to listen to them…..okay people!
Kingdom Matters-Paige Benton Brown

Council from the Cross-Elyse Fitzpatrick

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