PS 22 Chorus

In case you were unsure of my love for these two, let me remind you that two of my most favorite people are Carrie Underwood and David Cook.  If you have been around here for than a minute than you already know that,  and may be way over me talking about them! Unfortunately for you though, I am not! 
So, (I know you are busting at the seams to ask) what do the two of them have in common other than being American Idol winners? Well since you are so persistent……I will answer!  
Both Carrie and David have had the opportunity to sing with an amazing 5th grade choir at 
Staten Island’s PS22 (The PS stands for Public School, I went to PS165!). 
These kids are amazing! They have sung with lots of cool people, have been all over You Tube, sang at the Academy Awards and been featured by Oprah at her Academy Awards after party!  
(*disclaimer* I do not support watching Oprah or doing anything she says

….but that is pretty big time!) 

I don’t know too much more about them, but this definitely seems like the coolest choir on the block!
And because I think they are so cool,  I wanted to post my favorite videos of them singing with Carrie and David!  The soloists are awesome, and I love their expression!  Hope this lightens things up for you this weekend….ENJOY!
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