Plan to Eat Review and a Little Gift for You!

Couldn't find a good picture of food, so this will have to do! It is from our favorite place in Bangkok.  Delicious Crepes!

Couldn’t find a good picture of food, so this will have to do. It is from our favorite place in Bangkok. Clearly, Esteban is Planning to Eat! Love the Elbow in the back. My photography skills are unmatched!

 I HATE PLANNING! I hate planning meals, blog posts, even events. I don’t like evite (the pressure to commit to something so far in advance is very stressful) and I hate talking about what we are doing next week. It is really a little too much for me sometimes. However, I live in a world that requires some semblance of planning. I have two daughters at two different schools, playing two different sports. We have to plan. I have a job. I have to plan. I have a planning type husband. I have to plan.

Meal planning has always been particularly stressful to me. I don’t like cooking, and our family is a crew of  picky eaters! It is hard for me to plan out a weeks worth of meals that we will actually want to eat when it comes time to make them. I’ve used those subscriptions where they give you a weeks worth of meals, but we usually don’t like more than half of them, so it never works out!

We needed to save some money grocery shopping. I knew that a big way we could do that was if I could get it together and start planning our meals. So.. when I read about Plan to Eat over at Inspired to Action, I decided to try it free for 30 days to see if I would like it.

And…. it changed my life!!! For reals yo’!


Basically you enter your favorite recipes into the recipe book section (which does take some time, but is super easy). Then you just plop them into your planner and let Plan to Eat print you out a handy dandy little grocery list.

There is a little leg work in the beginning but it really isn’t that bad. Now that I have done that, it literally takes me 5 minutes each week to plan my meals and generate a list! Then it is off to the store I go!  I often switch meals around, and don’t always stick with my calendar, but that’s because I hate planning. It is great for me to know that I have all of the ingredients for all of the meals on my list each week!  Then I just cross them off as we eat them!

Kat over at Inspired to Action has an awesome boot camp to walk you through using the system program if you need some help! I just took a Saturday morning, threw my recipes in there, and was done! Now if I find one on Pinterest, I just throw it in and forget about it!

Seriously people…it has changed our lives!  We eat home a lot more, and we are trying new things and saving money with our grocery shopping!

Revolutionary I say…..revolutionary!!


Because I loved it so much, I really wanted all of you to be able to try it! You can click the link below to sign up for your free one month trial.  Everyone should do this, seriously, what do you have to lose?  Then….


Once you sign up for your trial,  check out Inspired to Action’s  boot camp.  Then…prepare to have your meal planning routine rocked!!!




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  1. Hello! I’m loving my Plan to Eat trial—just what I was looking for—but the coupon you offer seems to have already expired. Can you clarify the coupon expiration date?

  2. Hmmm…. thanks for trying to fix this, but it’s still not working for me. I tried ‘ThisLIfeILive’ and ‘ThisLifeILive’ and both result in a coupon expired message.

  3. Huh, I thought I posted another reply last week, but now I don’t see it. Perhaps it’s awaiting moderation, but just in case…

    Thanks for looking into this, but I tried using ‘ThisLIfeILive’ and ‘ThisLifeILive’ and both get an expired error. Am I doing something wrong?

      • We have success! Thank you Danielle and Chris.

        I should add that I returned recently from vacation for 3 weeks from our family cottage way up on Georgian Bay in Canada. No electricity, limited propane fridge space, and not easy to get to a grocery store, so advance meal planning is essential. I used Plan to Eat to plan meals for the entire trip as a test run of the service. I was really pleased with how it all worked and felt very organized. The shopping list was great, I printed all the recipes since I wouldn’t have any internet access, and the calendar was a great reference. I was able to add some special events to the calendar (family birthdays and cookouts) and meals w/ no recipes like PB&J. Very happy with how it all worked! I’ve tried a few meal planning tools out there and PTE does the best job!

  4. I was just about to renew my Plan to Eat subscription and thought I’d google for a coupon code just in case. What a treat to find your coupon code, but even better, your wonderful blog. Just added you to my Feedly — double bonus for me!! :-) Thanks so much!

  5. I tried Plan to Eat a few months ago. Meal planning is such a drag to me, and I often find myself scrambling at the last minute so I had high hopes. Basically it could be very helpful for those of you who almost solely use recipes from the internet because it’s very easy to import those. I have been cooking and meal planning for over seven years. I have cookbooks and lots of recipes printed out and in a recipe box. In order for me to use any of those recipes as the site intends, I would have to manually type them up. Do you have any idea how long it would take for me to do that? So I found that all I did was simply type up the recipe name and then go get my cookbook or use my memory, which defeats the purpose of the site. Plus, you are supposed to go through your pantry and fridge and type up the inventory. I can’t even begin to imagine the time it would take to do that when I have an extensively stocked pantry with cooking ingredients and spices/herbs, not processed food. So again, this would not be a helpful way to meal plan for those of you who have been using your cookbooks for years. I’m only 41, but I’m finding a generation gap with those in their 20s who would rather look for a recipe on the internet than in a cookbook. Plus I write notes all over my recipes with what to do differently the next time I use it.

    • Thanks for the input! I didn’t do the whole pantry check-list thing. Almost all of my recipes are online somewhere, so it really took very little effort to move things over to PTE. I use it mostly for shopping, as it is a really helpful tool. Since moving to Bangkok, I haven’t used it as much, and our budget is feeling it. I plan on getting back on it this weekend, so that I can shop and cook more efficiently!
      It definitely isn’t for everyone, but has been a huge help in our home!!!

    • Good point, Stephanie! If you refer to cookbooks as your primary recipe source, then I agree that online meal planning tools, including PTE, are probably not for you. I’m 41, too, but I actually have found that I now prefer online recipes as my source of inspiration because I rely on the star rating and user comments to help me evaluate if a recipe is worth trying. I have tried a few recipe planning sites that are competitors to PTE and for me and my habits, it’s the best one. I’m also impressed that I hear back from a real human being when I’ve given PTE suggestions for improvement :).

      I haven’t entered the stuff in my pantry either, but at some point will probably enter some of the staples we tend to buy weekly that are not necessarily part of a recipe like yogurt that I want to include on the shopping list.

      By the way, good for you for having a pantry full of whole foods! I did some pantry organizing this past weekend and I always feel happy to see my jars of dried beans and such.

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