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Our Girls are Watching

The other day, I was leading a small group of high school girls when I found myself heading into an area of discussion that I really don’t love. I told the girls (one of whom is my oldest daughter) that I hate talking about this stuff, but knew they had questions…so I was going to do it. Just, you know….be brave, bite the bullet, put my game face on and do it.

The next day my daughter told me that she was proud of me for doing something that I really didn’t want to do. She was proud of me for being brave. And while this might seem so obvious to some of you, I realized something in that moment…

My girls are learning how to face the world by watching me face the world. Click To Tweet

I teach them a lot of things. I talk to them about everything. I work during the day, and  start things on the side (R+F, blogging, personal training). I have women over to our home to do bible study, and to do life. I don’t always think about my girls when I am doing those things (Hush mom guilters out there…I hear ya’). I just do them because I love business, and new ideas, and trying things. I love people and discipleship and intelligent young women, growing in their faith and in their lives.

And my girls are watching…even when I don’t realize that they are watching. They make mention of my business podcasts, and ask for help in starting on their own ideas. They want to host and lead and encourage. They are learning things I am not actively teaching them.

Which got me thinking some more….

If they are getting all of those great things, then they are probably getting the not so great ones too. They are learning when I talk about how fat my legs look, how bad a picture is, and how much I want to change my teeth. They are watching me roll my eyes at another request and lose my cool for any number of ridiculous reasons.

My girls are watching and processing and beginning to take on the world the way that I do. This has me excited in some ways and terrified in others.

I am their example of a woman whose life is transformed by the gospel versus a woman who follows all of the rules.

I am their example of being a brave “trier” unafraid of failure.

I am their example of living with open hands, hosting and loving on others.

I am their example of submission to my husband and to God.

I am their example of patience, grace and mercy.

I am their example of someone who works hard, a woman who isn’t afraid to go out into the world and get things done.

I am their example of trusting God to provide, to lead and to strengthen me for what He calls me to.

There is God’s work of course…in their hearts and in mine. There is redemption and broken cycles and more grace than we would ever know to ask for. But there is also responsibility. And that is in my hands. I can talk a good game, but my girls are watching. They are getting all of the awesomeness and all of the crap…and everything in between. This is not new information to me, but it has never felt more personal, more real, or more urgent. Teenagers make you think about the end game, the adults that those once little ones will become.

Our girls are learning to face the world by watching how we face the world.

Which makes me want to be more:

Of a woman in God’s word

Of a woman who turns to God in prayer

Of a wife who loves and serves

Of a mom who is present

Of a friend who goes out of her way

Of an encourager and truth speaker

Of a go-getter who tries and works and lives with the right kind of sass

Of a disciple maker

Of a giver

And less of a:



self focused


Netflix watching-scrub.. (Cue the TLC classic scrubs)

God is at work. I am responsible. They are watching. Click To Tweet


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