Bible and Burpees Online Bootcamp

If you want to lose fat, increase muscle tone and get more intentional about your time with God, this program is for you!

4 Weeks+ 5 workouts a week + Nutritional guidelines + Bible Study + Daily accountability = sustainable success for YOU!

  • You used to work out all of the time. You were in great shape. But, then marriage, kids, work and life happened.
  • You know you need some encouragement, motivation and accountability to get your butt in gear.
  • You want to lose weight, feel stronger and more like yourself again. You want to get your life together…or at least a little more together than it is right now.
  • And while you’re at it, you want to be more intentional about growing in your faith, in reading your bible and in knowing God more. You know that is a huge part of getting it together.

But, you are a busy woman.

  • You have so much to do; by the end of the day, you are wiped out.
  • You are tired of thinking about getting in shape, without ever really taking any steps in the right direction.
  • You are tired of feeling guilty for not having the relationship with God that you want. 


I hear you. I am you! Well, you are you.  But you know what I mean :)!

Food, exercise and I, have long had a tenuous relationship. At one point in my life I was consumed with thoughts of calories in and calories out. I didn’t enjoy food, I didn’t deal with stress well, I viewed exercise as a punishment, and I lived in a cycle of vanity and discontent. My weight fluctuated and I was never happy with how I looked or felt.

In my mid-twenties, God began to remove the scales from my eyes and helped me see how far things had gone. He walked me through a difficult time that led to some amazing fruit. He showed me that the most important thing I could strengthen was my faith in Him, and the rest was all secondary to that. I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been, and far more content in the skin God’s given me.

Which is why I created this program.

The Bible and Burpees Online Bootcamp emphasizes your spiritual health as much as your physical health. It’s a manageable program that will get you results, without taking over your life; cause’ ain’t nobody got time for that!

Bible and Burpees

Participants in my programs will:

  • Lose fat and build lean muscle
  • Increase their energy
  • Get stronger
  • Learn quick and effective ways to study God’s Word
  • Become more consistent and intentional with their time in the Word
  • Work on building time with God and exercise into their lives, so they become habits

Check out what some past participants of my online bootcamp had to say:

I found out a long time ago that I can’t work out alone. I need encouragement and a plan – Danielle provided all of that and more! She supplied a nutrition guide, workouts and an endless amount of support through the process. All of the workouts were simple and could be finished in a short amount of time using a tiny amount of space (this is important if you have an apartment like me!). We logged our results into MyFitnessPal so Danielle could check in with us and make sure we were on the right path. That accountability made me work even harder to get my workout in each day. The best part of this whole process was that I knew I had a friend who had my back. Danielle knew my goals, and I was confident she could help me achieve them. In the past 5 weeks, I’ve lost almost 7lbs the RIGHT way – developing better habits and an understanding of how to stay healthy longterm. I’ve still got a little ways to go, and I am confident I will get there!

Laura Watson, Photographer at Laura Watson Photography (Online Bootcamp Participant)

Thanks to this program I have addressed many unhealthy aspects of my lifestyle that I knew I had to change for a long time. I am now more active, have more energy, I consistently eat better, drink more water and I’m successfully battling my addiction to diet soda! I strongly recommend this program to anyone who doesn’t just want to lose weight, but wants to gain an overall healthier lifestyle. 

Chiman Estephan, Speech Therapist and blogger @ The Expat Speechie  (Online Bootcamp Participant)

I loved the varied workouts each day. My husband and kids enjoyed jumping in and doing the workouts with me in the evenings. Workouts are short and sweet, but still challenging and effective.

Heather Ratcliff, Art Teacher (Online Bootcamp Participant)

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Here’s what you need to know about the Bible and Burpees Online Bootcamp:

  • The program is a 4 week training program that begins on August 22nd.
  • You will be given simple nutritional guidelines to follow unless you already follow a specific plan.
  • You will be given a Bible study to go through 5 out of 7 days per week.
  • You will be given 5 workouts per week. Each workout plan will include written workouts and hyperlinked videos. The workouts will include strength training, plyometrics, and barre. Workouts will never be longer than 15 minutes, but will be intense.
  • Participants will be required to do daily check-in’s with me via text or email.

For all of these tools and support you will only pay $120

…that’s only $30 a week!

I am so confident you will see results with The Bible and Burpees Bootcamp, that I am offering a money back guarantee.

You seriously have nothing to lose and only strength and spiritual focus to gain!

Ready to Join?  Register by paying below!

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