Mean Girl Frenemies

Today I am posting over at MODsquad about a topic I unfortunately know a little too much about….Mean girls!  Check out a sneak peak and then click on over to keep reading!

I used to be a mean girl. I have been in the “in” crowd. I have been out of the “in” crowd, and I have desperately fought to hold one foot “in”, even when I wasn’t wanted.  There is so much to say about BFF’s and frenemies…..I hardly know where to start! I suppose the best place would be to point out what the difference between the two is.

Encourages you
Tells you the truth (for your good, not to hurt you)
Believes the things you say
Sticks up for you
Forgives you
Doesn’t ask you to choose between them and another friend
Does things you want to do sometimes
Pushes you to do the right thing, even when it is hard
Sits with you at lunch when no one else will
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