My Meal Planning Game Changer

In case you are new here, you should know a few things.

1) I can cook, some things.

2) I hate cooking.

3) Recipes feel more like a suggestion to me than they do an actual recipe.

4) I am a non-planner. Planning is hard. It stresses me out.

5) I am super picky and so is a precious little daughter of mine.

Okay…now that you have that little bit of background, you should also know that we are a pretty busy family. We don’t have unlimited financial resources. So, planning meals for the week is actually a necessity. —->cue Danielle breaking out in hives.

I used to just go to the grocery store, buy whatever seemed reasonable, spend a lot of money on it, and then get home, only to realize that I had enough for about three meals that week. Which meant that my husband or I would end up back at the grocery store, spending more $ and wasting precious time.

So, I tried eMeals, which seemed like the perfect idea. They looked at the sales in your area, made a meal plan for the week, and gave you a list. Perfect right? Well, I ended up liking maybe one or two meals each week, which still left me with 5 days that I needed to come up with something amazing edible. What I did love about eMeals was that they provided you with a shopping list. I really need someone to take my recipes and break them down into a shopping list for me. That was soooooo helpful.

Enter Pinterest. I had a million (okay that is an exaggeration) meals pinned. They all looked amazing, but never made their way onto our dinner table. Why? Because writing out a weekly plan and making a list felt like torture, and I am not one to willingly submit myself to torture.

Then, the heavens opened up, and I saw the light. A blogger had written about Plat to Eat before, but I ignored her posts. That seemed really plan-y. I mean it had the word Plan in the title. Clearly, it was not for me. But, there was a free trial, so I tried. And found out, that it was TOTALLY for me!

Here’s the rundown:

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

Plan to Eat is an online program that allows you to EASILY store your recipes, drag and drop those recipes into a weekly planner, and then generate a shopping list based on those recipes. You can type in the recipe, or automatically upload one from any website (in like 30 seconds). You can add items to your list, check what you ate last week, and share recipes with friends. Seriously. This. Was. A. Gamechanger.

It took me about 35 minutes when I first got the program to upload my recipes. Now, when I come across a new recipe, it takes me about 30 seconds! Planning my trip to the grocery store takes me about 5 minutes each week. I drag and drop, look at the list generated, check off anything I already have, and add anything else I might need. And I am done. I meal plan in 5 minutes people. And….shopping with a list like that every week means I save lots of money, and time!

Ya’ll…I told you that I wanted to help you get it together with grace this year right? Well…I desperately needed to get my meal planning, grocery shopping act together, for the sake of our family’s budget. And this  is the simplest, most effective program I have come across to help me do that. Maybe you are an awesome Martha Stewart type who enjoys sitting down with a binder of delicious meals, sorting through them, and then writing out your list each week. If that is you, I am so impressed. I wish I was like that. I have friends like that. They are amazing, and dinner at their place is usually pretty perfect. But, me, not so much. I have no ability to do things like that. If I didn’t have Plan to Eat, my family would probably be eating Kraft Mac and Cheese for half of the week. So, for those of you who are like me, here is a little bit of grace to help you get your meal planning act together. Plan to Eat….that is your grace. Get it. It is free to try for a month. You lose NOTHING. If you hate it,  just cancel!

If you do sign up, let’s be friends, and share recipes. Just look me up under dnyelmrie!

Sign up for your trial here!

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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  • Reply Marlo

    This is interesting! I signed up for the free trial so hopefully it will motivate me to cook with spirit and get it done with ease. Thank you!

    February 13, 2016 at 2:31 am
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