Exercise More Regularly: 7 Tips to Get You There!

If I had to put money on it, I would bet that January is the most profitable month for most health clubs and fitness programs. We all start out with great intentions to exercise more and “get in shape”. But that is hard. Often that new, shiny feeling wears off before February 1st. Yet, there are people who exercise on the regular, and seem to really enjoy it.  Want to become one of those people? Are you hoping to take your relationship with exercise a little more seriously this year?  Here are some tips:

Sweat everyday.

You don’t need a fancy gym membership (although those aren’t bad if you can afford one). You just need to work up a sweat, for about 30 minute every day. Run in your neighborhood (that’s free), do some HIIT intervals at home (there a gazillion on Pinterest), play tennis, join a bootcamp class, try barre classes, or YouTube your way to a healthier lifestyle. Whether you have endless funds, or are living on rice and beans, you can find some way to sweat it out every day!!

Get some accountability.

Find a friend who wants to work out with you. Hire a personal trainer who will tailor workouts to meet your needs. Commit to attend a specific class, and get to know the instructor so that they will wonder where you are when you don’t show up. Get a FitBit or Jawbone and start walking like a crazy person. Having someone give you a little kick in the pants when you want to give up, or stay in bed will do wonders for your workouts. I highly recommend joining an online program if you are pressed for time and money. I recommend this one of course :) !

Decide on a meaningful “why”.

Lots of people want to lose x number of pounds. They arbitrarily chose a number that has no real significance. They are aiming for a shallow “why” that won’t hold up very well when that warm bed is begging them to stay for just a little bit longer. So dig deep and really think about why you want to exercise. Maybe it’s so you can be in better shape to keep up with your children or grandchildren. Maybe you want to spend your retirement years traveling. Maybe you want to exercise because you want to be stronger, tougher and more energetic, so that you can do your work more heartily. Whatever the reason, come up with a why that is a little more meaningful than a fleeting number on the scale.

Do something fun.

I have tried CrossFit. Twice. I should love it. I love a hard workout. I love people, and team and community. But I hated CrossFit. Both times. Two different places. It just wasn’t my thing, even though I know so many people love it. But I love boot camps, and barre classes. When I can’t afford to go to them, I grab a friend and I make-up a workout for us to do together. We get to hang out and break a sweat…so it’s like killing two birds with one stone. Running makse me miserable, functional training and barre make me happy. So, I don’t run. I train functionally and take barre classes.  Find workouts you like (it is okay to look around for a while) and stick with it (or switch it up if you find more than one that you like).

Be safe.

If you are going to join a gym, take some time to learn how to use the equipment properly. It is usually a good idea to work with a trainer at least once so that you have some idea of what to do. If you are doing group fitness, learn to listen to your body. There is a good kind of burn, that means your muscles are working, and a bad kind of pain that means you’re pushing your body too far. Learn to work hard, but learn to lay off when you need to. The quickest way to peace-out of an exercise habit is to get hurt!

Schedule exercise into your day.

Write it on your calendar. Tell your spouse when you are planning to work out. Have your gym bag ready, and some cute workout clothes laying out in a prominent place. If you don’t intentionally plan on exercising, it won’t just happen.

Just do it.

At the end of the day, you just have to show up. Once you find something you love, and get some accountability, that will be a lot easier. But you will still need to get to work. No one will do that for you. It’s okay to miss a day or two. Don’t beat yourself up for stuff like that. Just get back in the game and keep moving forward. Building a habit takes time and effort. You can do it if you are willing to put both of those things in.

If you exercise regularly, what keeps you going? If not, what are you wanting to try this year?


Are you a busy woman juggling faith, work, home and family?

I am too.

Sometimes women like us can get so focused on helping others that we forget to take some time for ourselves. We don’t set aside time to spend with God, and  workouts fall to the wayside. I get it. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have another minute in my day to spare. But, if we don’t take our spiritual and physical health seriously, we won’t be able to work, serve and love well. We will end up a hot mess of frustration and anxiety.

I hear ya’ sister…that struggle is real, and I feel it every day!

That’s why I am committed to helping women like you refocus their faith and get in shape. Because when we are planted in God’s Word, and feeling healthy and confident, we can go out and do all of those things God calls us to do, and we can do them excellently!

Sign up below and get my 3 Day Faith and Fitness Quick Start Guide for Busy Women. In it you will find 3 days of Bible study (looking at a different Psalm each day), and 3 quick, effective and simple workouts for you to do at home! This guide is totally FREE and will take you less than 30 minutes to go through each day!

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