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I love the gym. I mean, I am a total gym girl. I love weights and classes and community. But, most of the time, I exercise at home. In Bangkok, it was hard to get to most gyms, and they were all pretty pricey. Thankfully, we had a small gym at school that I was able to use, but even that was hard to get to. Which meant,  I had to learn some creative ways to exercise at home.

Gyms take time, and they cost money, which are two things many of us don’t have in excess. Not being able to get to a gym can easily become an excuse to avoid working out. But anyone can work out, anywhere. Sure, to workout at home you might need to muster up a little more motivation, and get creative, but a kick booty workout can totally happen in the confines of your living room.

Some Tips To Exercise at Home

  • Find something you love. The interwebs has made finding a workout you love a whole lot easier!  You can join an online fitness program, use You Tube for free or sign up for countless fitness challenges. There is Pilates, Zumba, Barre, functional training, yoga and hundreds of other workout styles to choose from. Finding something you love will make you more likely to stick with your at home workouts.
  • Make a Plan. Schedule in your workout times. I mean, I want you to write them on your calendar or to-do list. What gets scheduled, gets done. Set out your clothes the night before. Get the DVD ready or the You Tube video loaded, so that there is nothing standing in the way of you and your home sweat sesh.
  • Get Some Equipment. Depending on the style of workout you choose, you might need to get a yoga mat, some weights, a Swiss ball or a kettlebell. Set yourself up to grow in your at home workouts, and purchase the equipment you will need. Even though this will cost you some $$$’s up front, in the long run, it will be far cheaper than joining a gym.
  • Get some accountability. As someone who runs online fitness programs, I have found that accountability truly is the key to seeing progress when you are working out on your own, at home. So, join a program, find an online fitness community or ask a friend to check in on you each day. You are more likely to stick with your workouts if someone is helping keep you in check.

Not having the time or money to join a gym, does not need to keep you from getting a fantastic workout. You can exercise at home with little to no equipment. You can choose the workout style that best suits you, and you can even find community online.

So, to help you get started TODAY…here’s a simple workout you can do at home, with no equipment in less than 10 minutes!

exercise at home

What is your favorite way to exercise at home? Do you have any DVD’s or You Tube Channels you love? Have you tried an online fitness program before? What has kept you going when you couldn’t make it to the gym?


Are you a busy woman juggling faith, work, home and family?

I am too.

Sometimes women like us can get so focused on helping others that we forget to take some time for ourselves. We don’t set aside time to spend with God, and  workouts fall to the wayside. I get it. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have another minute in my day to spare. But, if we don’t take our spiritual and physical health seriously, we won’t be able to work, serve and love well. We will end up a hot mess of frustration and anxiety.

I hear ya’ sister…that struggle is real, and I feel it every day!

That’s why I am committed to helping women like you refocus their faith and get back in shape. Because when we are planted in God’s Word, and feeling healthy and confident, you can go out and do all of those things God calls us to do.

Sign up below and get my 3 Day Faith and Fitness Quick Start Guide for Busy Women. In it you will find 3 days of Bible study (looking at a different Psalm each day), and 3 quick, effective and simple workouts for you to do at home! This guide is totally FREE and will take you less than 30 minutes to go through each day!

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