Disclosure Statement

This little blog of mine has grown from a quasi-personal journal to keep friends and family updated, to an outlet for writing, and a small source of income for our missionary/teacher family.

In light of full disclosure, and FTC regulations, I wanted to let you know that some of my posts contain affiliate links. These links will take you directly to a site for which I am an affiliate. If you make a purchase through one of those links, I make a small amount of your purchase, at no extra cost to you. Also, you can rest assured that if I am linking to something it is because I think it is of some value to you. If I didn’t think it was, I wouldn’t link to it.

Occasionally I will write a sponsored post. This means that a company has compensated me to review a product. Please know that my reviews and opinions will always be honest. If I don’t love something, I will tell you. And if you’ve been around for a while, you know that I will tell you about something multiple times if I do love it!!!

I promise, I am not making millions off of this little blog. If I post about a product, it is because I want you to know about it. If I use an affiliate link, you will see a note at the end of my post. If the post is sponsored, I will write that at the top of my post.

No scheming…just using what I already have to bring in a little extra dough for the fam!

So, there ya’ go. I am fully disclosed!


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