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Danielle-Marie + ePantry : Free Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner, $10 Credit, & Free Shipping

MMS 2You might have already read about the melt down that ensued during my first trip to the grocery store in Bangkok. You know, the one where laundry detergent sent me way over the edge.

Since then I’ve learned to navigate the grocery store without tears. However, one thing I miss are my favorite cleaning products. If you know me, you know that a clean house is the way to my heart. I have also been known to get mildly obsessed with the way things smell. Mrs. Meyers cleaning products have always been my go-to items in the States because they work, they’re safe, and they smell amazing! Here in Bangkok, the Mrs. Meyer’s products are cah-razy pricey, so I normally don’t buy them.

Enter ePantry.

ePantry is a subscription service that delivers all natural cleaning and personal care items right to your door. I read about it a while ago on Money Saving Mom, and have loved it so far! Since we will be home this summer, I plan to stock up while we are there, and have already started ordering some things.

pssst….I got all of this stuff for about $20!


Naturally because I love ePantry,  I want you to love it too! Long live the extrovert who wants all of her friends to come along for the ride…for everything…even cleaning products.

Thanks to the kind folks at ePantry, I have an exclusive offer for Danielle-Marie readers. Anyone who uses the link below will receive a $10 shopping credit, free shipping AND a Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner!


Here’s how ePantry works:

In order to claim this offer, you need to use this link!

1. Take a quick survey about what you and your family use. ePantry takes that info and will make suggestions for you based on your answers. However, you choose what you want to purchase and when.

2. Choose Your Products. Pick from the recommended items or from the rest of ePantry’s selection. Add those items to your cart.

3. Check out. Once you have filled your cart, click finish and pay.  Your $10 and free Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface cleaner will be included.

Including the multi-surface cleaner and $10 off, your total must come to at least $20. The minimum is for first-time orders only.

This deal is only good from April 7th-10th.

Here’s a little sample of how this might break down for you. Obviously, you can shop around the site and find the items that you use and love. This is just an example.

sample basket

Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner: Free with your offer! 

Mrs. Meyer’s Hand Soap: $4.03

Mrs. Meyer’s Dish Soap: $3.89

Seventh Generation Tub & Tile Cleaner: $4.39

Seventh Generation Tall Drawstring Trash Bags: $5.49

Seventh Generation Toilet Bowl Cleaner: $4.39

ePantry Pure Cellulose Sponges: $2.99

ePantry Pure Soy Candle 8oz: $9.95

With a $10 Danielle-Marie credit, the total for this basket comes to $25.13 for a $56+ value! 

That means you save $30.87 and you didn’t have to go anywhere!

With ePantry, you set up how often you want to receive orders and can customize your cart each time. You aren’t locked into any type of membership either, and your orders can vary from month to month.



Refer Friends and Family

When you refer friends and family, you get a $10 credit and they get $10 off of their first order as well!  Ten dollars with ePantry can go a long way, so feel free to start referring after you sign up!

To top it all off, ePantry has wonderful customer service. They have been so easy to work with and are super helpful! They even offer an extra $2 off if you answer the question in the chat box.

Remember this offer is only good from today until Friday the 10th. So what are you waiting for? Go grab this offer!

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