So, it has been a long time since I have written about a book. To make up for that, I am going to give you a snap shot of what I have been reading and a few quick thoughts on each book.  I have already talked extensively about my musical schizophrenia….. but it seems that I am also biblio-schizophrenic as well! Check it out!
 This was a book I really needed to read. It was written in response to the Emergent Church movement, but served as an encouragement as to why the local church is so important (imperfect as it might be!). Love this writer!
No Really, I do love Kevin DeYoung! This book was one we did with a small group (which I don’t recommend).  There were definitely some good things to think about in this one, especially regarding what it means to be missional, or “to be the gospel/Jesus” to others (which we can’t do. Thankfully Jesus did it though!). Not my favorite of his books, but worth the read!
I know that there has been lots of talk about this book in Christian circles, mainly regarding the Driscoll’s chapters on sex. While those are there and important, there really is so much more in here!  I loved the parts about friendship and the different ways God healed their marriage. There are also lots of great practical tips in here, and lots to think about. Regarding the sex chapters (and all of the others as well) read the whole book, and decide for yourself, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, what you believe scripture says about the topics they are discussing! But do read the book!
This book is great for those who struggle with an unhealthy view of food, diet and exercise. However, it is written from the point of view of overeating/over indulging. Some of the practical advice might not be helpful to those struggling with binging and purging, or excessively restricting their food intake. However, the parts where she digs into the thoughts behind all of those eating disorders and the idol they can become are awesome!!!!
I love the simple idea of this book. My favorite part was Tchividjian’s story of how God revealed His grace to him in a totally new way. He walks through some dark times in his life, and then goes through all that Colossians (and lots of other texts) says about who we are in Christ. I know we would all say that we believe the title of this book is true, but I know almost no one who truly lives that way. We all have our own Jesus + _________ sentence that we are desperately holding on to. Tchividjian’s goal in this book is to replace those blanks with nothing….because that is truly all we need in Christ! Great read!
ummm….don’t judge! I read LC’s last series of books (LA Candy) and totally loved them, so had to grab this one as soon as it came out.  It is an easy fun summer read if you are interested in the fictional lives of reality t.v. stars (which I totally am!). I seriously read it in a day and a half!

So, I am of course, the last one to jump on this bandwagon, but I really hate those things (bandwagons that is). I totally thought I would hate these, because I assumed they trivialized human life. In actuality Collins does just the opposite with this series. I loved the characters and well developed and consistent they were. I will say I loved the first two books better than the third, but all of them were awesome! These are definitely another great summer read (for the 5 who haven’t read them yet!)/

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    I have some books that I have been wanting to get to you, just not sure whats the best way. A few for Esteban that are in Spanish and a couple Spanish Bibles he can give out. Just letting you know!

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