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be the church

Have you seen the news lately?

Terrorists killing hundreds.

Another police shooting with riots as the response.

Believers across the globe being pushed out of their homes and countries, because they claim Christ.

The world’s darkness seems to be all there is at times. And as believer’s the whispers of, “come Lord come” roll quickly off our lips.

But, there is still more to be done for us here, so He hasn’t come yet.

How then, do we respond to the loss, the death, the fear and the sadness?

Scripture speaks clearly to this…

We mourn with those who mourn, we pray for those who are suffering and for those who are persecuted because of their faith. We offer whatever help we can, just as the good samaritan did, caring for one He was supposed to hate.

And then we bring hope. We share the good news. We remind those around us, or maybe tell them for the first time, that there is salvation, eternal peace, and life everlasting; only found in Christ. That feels exclusive, but it’s the truth. It is their deepest need, ours too. It is the only source of true hope, the only light in this deafening darkness.

It isn’t enough to get angry, put our thoughts online and then sit back. We must act in accordance to our words, even if that means praying in the quietness of our homes for those that are suffering.

And doing good in the name of doing good falls short too. Outside of Christ, there will only be more suffering, hopelessness, fear and ultimately, eternal separation from God. In Christ, there is hope, peace and joy that is not dependent on our circumstances. Let us not withhold those things from those who so desperately need it.

I write this not to shame or condemn, but to remind myself, and those who call themselves believers, what it looks like to live as though our lives have been transformed. No one reading this needs more of a reminder than I do.

So, Christians, pray.  Because prayer is the foundation of all action for the believer. Do not be fooled into thinking it is passive and lazy.

And then, obediently do what God asks of you. That might be to give, to go or to pray some more. This isn’t about enlisting you in a certain cause, campaign or fight. This is about encouraging us all to be the church. We can’t be Jesus, but we can be the church, His representation to the world.

When I feel overwhelmed by the sadness, the darkness and what feels like complete hopelessness, may I boldly go to my Father, and then wilfully do as He asks me to do.

The struggle is real, but oh so necessary. Will you go to Him with me?

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