Hey ya’ll!

My name is Danielle Cevallos and empowering busy, go-getter women to live physically, spiritually healthy lives, is my jam

When it comes to health and fitness, I am all about the long sustainable change we all hope for, but can never quite reach. That means I keep things easy-peasy, because easy-peasy is sustainable.

For believers, growing in our faith is not an optional thing. Sometimes we need a little guidance, and a little kick in the pants. So that’s me, your grace filled, Bible-teaching, kick in the pants.

I have a degree in Psychology, so I geek out about the brain, how it works, and how to change bad patterns into newer, better ones.

I’ve also got a Masters in Teaching; special education to be more specific. So, I know how to make things nice and simple, and how to break things down into bite-sized pieces for ya’.

I’m an NASM certified personal trainer too. I am all about exercise plans that get you results, without taking up too many of your precious hours. You are a go-getter. So I want to make you strong so you can go out there and do your thing!

When it comes to faith, I got ya’ covered there too. I went to Bible college, so I have a Bible degree. Just to be clear,  I don’t think you need one of those to grow in your faith. But, I want to use mine for good. That means equipping as many women as I can to study God’s Word for themselves.

If you’re a busy woman who wants to see change in her life, I’m committed to helping you get healthy and strong, both physically and spiritually.

I always start with your goals, and do my best to learn what it takes to make you work for those goals. Then, I break it all down for ya’ and walk you through practical steps until you feel confident enough to do the walking on your own. I am all about your goals, and helping you grow.


When I am not teaching (because I do that full-time), or training clients (I do this part-time and online), I am hanging out with my hubby and teen daughters. 13 years ago, I married my man, and 6 years ago we adopted our girls. They are all pretty awesome humans, and those daughters of mine have restored my faith in teen girls for eva’!

I’m a total clean freak, but outside of that, I am completely type B+. By B+ I mean not type A.

My Meyer’s Briggs type is ENFP. I am an off the charts extrovert, as in 100% extrovert and 0% introvert. So, I like people. A lot.

Still wanna’ know more about me? K!  Here are some random facts:

1. I am originally from NYC. Queens to be exact. However, I lived in Columbia, SC for 13 years beginning my freshmen year of college. Those are two VERY different places.  Our family moved to Bangkok, Thailand in July of 2013, you know, just to spice things up. This summer (2016) we are moving back to the U.S., just outside of Nashville.

2. My obsessions are workout clothes and make-up. You can rest assured for every birthday and Christmas, those two things are on my wish list! If you ever want to buy me a present, Athleta and Urban Decay are the ways to my heart.

3. My husband is a travelling missionary of sorts. He works with church planters all over the world.

4. I might be a slight fangirl of Carrie Underwood. And by slight, I mean shameless. I am a shameless fangirl for sure. I have been to three concerts and will probably go to another this fall.

5. My guilty pleasures: Cherry Coke and Twizzlers. Don’t tell the rest of the personal trainers of the world, okay?

6. I look up the spoilers to the Bachelor/Bachelorette before the show airs, every season. I always know who they choose, before anyone gets out of the limo.

7. My Sturbucks drink of choice is a Non-fat, Iced Vanilla Latte. But, now that we are going to live in America during the fall, the Pumpkin Spice Latte will clearly have to make my transition into fall a little sweeter.

8. I became a Christian when I was 16, and literally knew nothing about the Bible. At first, I thought a lot of things in the Bible were kind of weird. I mean, Jonah got swallowed by some fish and lived? That is cray-cray. But, God has taught me a lot, and my faith has really grown as I’ve learned to study God’s Word.

9. I tear up at any audition type of reality show…American Idol, The Voice, The X Factor, So You Think You Can Dance. It is embarrassing to say the least. But, there is just something about someone getting to live out a dream of theirs.

10. My immediate family (husband and daughters and I) are from three different continents, and we are living on a fourth continent. We know how to represent.

Are you ready to get healthier, leaner, more energetic, and more intentional about your relationship with God?

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And…cuz’ I like giving things away…

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3 Day Total Body Workout Plan

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