6 Ways to Stay Motivated to Workout

Some people live, breathe and dream about workouts. You hate those people. I know. Most of us know we need to workout, and know why. But few stay motivated to actually get our butt’s in gear, to finally make working out a habit! I’ve written about some ways to build that kind of habit, but wanted to give you a few tips on staying motivated. Obviously there will be some overlap between the habit building and motivation, but there are a few extra things you can do to keep your motivation level up!

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Know your “why”

Having a clear “why” for your pursuit of health, is crucial to staying motivated. And let me be clear…aesthetic goals are a place to start, but they are usually not enough to keep you going when things get tough. So come up with something deeper. Wanting to be able to stick around for your grandkids,  live your life with energy, be able to work and serve others well,  are all big-picture “why’s” that will keep you moving, when all you want to do is climb in bed with Ben and Jerry.

Non-scale victories

I don’t own a scale. I don’t let my daughters weigh themselves. I was enslaved to the numbers on a scale for years. Let me tell you, that no number on a scale can measure your actual health, strength or how energetic and strong you feel. I like for my clients to have other types of goals and then we celebrate when they meet those goals!  Maybe they want to do a certain number of push-ups, fit into a certain pair of pants, or be able to run around the back yard with their kids without having to take a break. The scale can’t measure any of those things. AND… 150lbs on someone who never works out, and eats fast food all of the time, is going to look a lot different than 150lbs on someone who is living a healthy lifestyle fueling their body well, and growing in their strength.  Celebrating non-scale victories helps you to see progress more clearly, and reminds you of the deeper reasons why you are pursuing a healthier lifestyle!

Switch it up

Some people love consistency, but most of us get bored easily. Change up your workouts. If you live in a city with ClassPass or GuavaPass, I highly recommend you utilize those! They are a perfect way to try out different types of workouts, bringing you some variety. Having something new to try and master keeps most people motivated to keep truckin’ on! If you can’t swing a ClassPass or Guava Pass, then vary your workouts at home. Try different types of YouTube videos and mix them up with a run, a sprint session or a heavy weight session!

Find community (online or off)

You have probably heard the saying, you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So, choose wisely! Surround yourself with people who understand your goals, and who are working towards the same thing. If you can find this in your offline life, awesome! If not, join some online FB groups, get a trainer or join an online bootcamp (shameless plug), or connect with people through social media (check out some fitness related hash-tags). If everyone around you (or everyone in your IG feed) is making time for the gym, a little positive peer pressure might kick in, and get your booty to the gym as well!

Schedule it in your day

What gets planned gets done. And ya’ll, I’m NOT a planner. But, I am learning this principle, and implementing it in my own loose way (planners of the world would mock me, but I am getting it together in the planning department). If you put a workout on your to-do list you are more likely to do it (<–see what I did there). Even though I am not a huge list-maker and crosser-offer, I am much more likely to get anything I put in writing, done! Schedule a workout into your day, and then cross it off when you finish.

Set up small rewards along the way

Set up small rewards like a new pair of workout capris, some new sneakers, a quick massage, or an afternoon off at the coffee shop when you meet a goal. I am not a fan of food being a reward, and you certainly wouldn’t want to reward yourself with something that will derail your goals (like a week off of working out)! So, think about what would reinforce your healthy lifestyle, and then set your goals with that reward in mind.

Here are some examples:

  • When I am able to complete 10 chin-ups, I will get a manicure and pedicure with my friend.
  • When I have worked out every week day for an entire month, I will buy a a new workout outfit.
  • When I drop one dress size, I will take one Saturday morning off to go read in a coffee shop.

Be sure to tell someone about your goals and rewards so that you will have some people cheering you on and celebrating with you as you begin reaching those goals!

Staying motivated to work out can be a challenge when you are busy living life and doing your thing. But, the benefits are obvious (in addition to the health benefits, there is a lot f research that shows regular exercise can correlate to productivity and overall success at work). So, while it would be great if we were all intrinsically motivated to live a sugar free life at the gym, it is likely that you will need to get creative in your extrinsic motivators. Enlist help and do what you’ve got to do. You might find over time that once you have worked fitness into your life for long enough, that you actually do begin to feel a lot of that intrinsic motivation rising up in you. Until then…bribe yourself with a kid-free afternoon or some cute new LuLu’s!


Are you a busy woman juggling faith, work, home and family?

I am too.

Sometimes women like us can get so focused on helping others that we forget to take some time for ourselves. We don’t set aside time to spend with God, and  workouts fall to the wayside. I get it. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have another minute in my day to spare. But, if we don’t take our spiritual and physical health seriously, we won’t be able to work, serve and love well. We will end up a hot mess of frustration and anxiety.

I hear ya’ sister…that struggle is real, and I feel it every day!

That’s why I am committed to helping women like you refocus their faith and get in shape. Because when we are planted in God’s Word, and feeling healthy and confident, we can go out and do all of those things God calls us to do, and we can do them excellently!

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